Forward thinking and dynamic company

We have a dynamic group of exceptionally talented individuals who are all driven by a shared passion for what we do. We strongly believe in the power of creativity and forward thinking, and these beliefs are displayed through every task that we take on. We have been offering our service and guidance since 2005 and have accumulated a diverse range of clients, comprised of both private and public sector businesses from all over the UAE and around the world.

At Blue Frontier our main goal is to deliver the highest quality service to all of our clients.

With every mock-up, prototype and design concept, we’ll get your feedback so that you stay at the heart of the design process. We find that collaboration between you and our web design and development team is the most effective way to drive success. So, you’ll be able to chat to the team as much you need to fine tune those designs and complete your website.

  • Wireframing
    After gaining a strong understanding of your brand, your market place and your objectives, we define your site structure and key user journeys using wireframes. Most big decisions are made during this process to ensure that users’ needs are met on each page of your website.
  • Identity & Design
    Upon approval we introduce visual assets and real content to the wireframes, applying colour palettes to bring the designs to life. We work with new or existing branding guidelines to deliver you our vision whilst allowing you to influence and support the design process.
  • Build & Development
    The build process is carefully managed between our design and development teams. We will build your project to meet exacting design standards and achieve optimum efficiency before it is handed to the QA team for sign off before launch!
SEOULBAY Frontier Over The Years

We have a long standing track record in our chosen technologies. We have been working with our diverse client base of Private and Public Sector businesses and organisation since 2005 to deliver web and data solutions across the UAE and around the World.


Make the most of our consultants’ understanding and expertise to improve your business. Blue Frontier offer a full range of consultancy services where we can review and optimise your business processes including IT, cyber security, data protection and quality assurance.


Whether you are looking for a meticulous graphic designer for your latest print deliverables, or in need of a savvy web designer to transform your website. Our design team is equipped with the tools, experience and skills to transform your vision into reality.


Websites, online shops, web portals, and mobile apps. You name it, our experienced developers can build it. With a team working in established and new languages and frameworks, we can provide you with a development solution for your ideas.

Digital Marketing

We can build you a marketing strategy that’s bespoke to your business and your objectives. Our team use SEO, PPC, Social Media and Content Marketing, among other channels, to build your brand and achieve your goals.


Make your systems more secure and reliable and maintain business continuity by utilising our technical expertise. We provide technical consultancy, adhoc support and managed services so that your business flourishes.